Cornwall Welcomes you this Summer

Cornwall Welcomes you this Summer

It’s almost time to be able to welcome you down to Cornwall this summer as we approach July 4, and contrary to what the press seem to suggest (surprise, surprise), and stalwarts want – we DO wish you were here, and want to welcome you to Cornwall.

Our livelihoods and ability to feed our families depends on welcoming visitors to Cornwall and Newquay, but alas, the usual suspects want to be hum bug about it. For those of us who make up the tourism industry, we want to be open for business as best we can.

Please DO come to Cornwall, and please DO come to Newquay, we DO want you here! Obviously, we want you to adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay safe, and keep us safe also, but darn it, we do still want you here, we need you here, or there will be nothing left for you next year or the year after that!

So please visit Newquay and Cornwall this summer and support our local businesses, so you can continue enjoying it for the years to come – see you soon!

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