What is being done to protect passengers and drivers in our Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles?

All our drivers are still being proactive in limiting the chance of spreading COVID19, by regularly washing their hands or applying hand sanitiser, and cleaning surfaces down thoroughly between trips when practical & safe to do so, and continue to do the following:

“As a self-employed driver of a vehicle you should conduct a risk assessment to understand the risks and what you can do about them. You should think about how you work and ways you can protect yourself and your passengers.”

As the world moves on in life with COVID, we would ask that you not travel in our vehicles if you think there is any chance that you may have COVID. Should you be suffering from the common cold, or maybe even Flu, or anything else like this, please at the very least, consider wearing a face mask to reduce the chances of giving it to our drivers, just as we would ask our drivers to do for our passengers.

If you have any special concerns or requirements, please talk to your driver, but please do not expect them to do anything that would impair their ability to conduct their duties in a safe manner.

Symptoms – If you have any symptoms that may make you suspect in any way that you could have the infection, please stay at home. If our drivers have any reason to suspect that you are showing potential symptoms, please understand that they have been instructed to refuse travel, for both theirs and other passengers safety.