Newquay Airport – London Flights 2020

Newquay Airport – London Flights 2020

Cornwall Airport Newquay has confirmed that the government funded route previously run by FlyBe under a public service obligation (PSO) will resume in September 2020.

These PSO routes serve more remote locations in order to keep them well connected to the rest of the UK, to ensure they continue to run even if the routes make a loss to the company running it.

The subsidy for the route between NQY and LONDON, LHR, LGW, a joint government & Cornwall Council initiative, is in place until at least October 2022, and prior to their collapse, FlyBe announced it was to revert back to operating from Gatwick (LGW).

The chairman of Cornwall Airport Newquay Tim Jeans, confirmed that the service will revert back to Heathrow (LHR) at the beginning of September 2020, telling BBC Radio Cornwall “I can guarantee by the beginning of September flights to Heathrow will have resumed,” to be operated by a yet to be named airline, which will fly to and from NQY once a day.

British Airways is now taking bookings for the commercial service route it was already set to run from Cornwall to Heathrow through July and August.

Newquay Airport plans to reopen on July 1st, when other services will resume such as the Eurowings Dusseldof flight, Aer Lingus flights from Dublin to Newquay and RyanAir plans to resume all it’s services to Faro and Alicante, and passengers will see various changes when using the airport, such as having their temperature taken upon entering the terminal, and face coverings are likely to become mandatory with all airlines.